Philadelphia School District Food Workers Ready to Strike

by Ella

Philadelphia, PA — Food service employees in the School District of Philadelphia, represented by Unite Here Local 634, have unanimously voted to authorize a strike “if and when it deems it appropriate.” The decision to strike was announced on Sunday morning, with union organizers citing ongoing negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement aimed at ensuring equity, fairness, and safety for both union members and the district’s students.

Unite Here Local 634, the union representing approximately 1,900 food service workers in the Philadelphia School District, is taking a stand in response to what they perceive as inadequate wages for the critical role they play in keeping the city’s youth well-fed and secure. Local 634 President Nicole Hunt conveyed the union’s message, stating, “Our members are the people who make sure that young people in the City of Philadelphia are kept fed and safe. But, our wages don’t guarantee that we can keep our own families fed and safe. Enough is enough. Our Union will continue to negotiate in good faith with the School District. But we will no longer accept less. This strike authorization vote gives our Executive Board the ability to do what is necessary if the School District is not able to meet our commonsense demands.”


The current collective bargaining agreement between the union and the School District of Philadelphia is set to expire on September 30. While the union has taken this significant step, officials from the School District of Philadelphia have not yet responded to requests for comment on the matter.




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