FDA Issues Warning About Connecticut Oysters Amid Concerns of Sewage Contamination

by Ella

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a cautionary alert to consumers regarding the potential sewage contamination of oysters harvested in Connecticut. These oysters have been distributed to various restaurants and retail outlets across five states, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. There is also a possibility that these oysters have reached markets beyond these states.

The oysters in question were harvested during the period of August 28 to 30. The FDA has identified specific dealers associated with the potentially affected oysters, including CT-393-SS, AQ, CT-004-SS, AQ, and CT-020-SS, AQ. These oysters can be identified by the lot numbers L-30 and L-26B1.


In response to this potential health concern, the FDA is advising restaurants and food retailers to refrain from serving and to safely dispose of any oysters that might be contaminated.


The Connecticut Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Aquaculture, had already issued a recall of these oysters on August 30 due to unsatisfactory sample results. Subsequently, the FDA issued its official notice.


Consuming raw oysters contaminated with harmful pathogens can lead to foodborne illnesses. It is crucial to note that contaminated food may appear, smell, and taste normal, making it difficult to detect contamination without proper testing.


The FDA strongly encourages individuals who experience symptoms of food poisoning, which may include diarrhea, stomach pain or cramps, nausea, vomiting, and fever, to promptly contact their healthcare provider.

As of now, the source of the contamination has not been definitively identified. The state-approved harvest areas have been temporarily closed, and no affected product remains on the market. The Connecticut Department of Agriculture (CT DoAg) is actively collaborating with the shellfish industry, impacted towns, local health departments, and sewer departments to ascertain the potential source of the contamination.

It is important to note that there have been no reported illnesses associated with this recall at this time. The FDA remains vigilant in its efforts to safeguard public health and ensure the integrity of the shellfish program and industry in Connecticut.



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