Vitamin in Human Nutrition Market Projected to Exceed $7.86 Billion by 2030, Fueled by Rising Disposable Income

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Anticipated to reach a valuation of USD 7.86 billion by the year 2030, the vitamin in human nutrition market is forecasted to experience a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.3% during the forecast period spanning from 2023 to 2030. The phenomenon of higher disposable income is often more pronounced in developed economies, distinguishing them from their underdeveloped or developing counterparts within the sphere of vitamin in human nutrition. This fiscal advantage equips individuals with augmented purchasing power, granting them the autonomy to shape their dietary preferences and wellness pursuits.

Elevated disposable income translates into heightened financial flexibility for individuals engaging in the vitamin in human nutrition market. Bolstered by this enhanced monetary capacity, people are empowered to make decisions that influence both their expenditure and savings, including choices pertinent to their dietary habits. As personal financial resources expand, a considerable portion of the budget is frequently allocated to procuring nutrient-enriched food selections.


The concept of food fortification, as outlined by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), involves a purposeful process aimed at augmenting the nutritional quality of food items. This procedure entails the incorporation of essential vitamins, minerals, or other crucial nutrients into food products, intended to offset any potential losses that might arise during processing or storage within the realm of vitamin in human nutrition.


Within the global vitamin in human nutrition market, the multivitamin category has emerged as a preeminent segment, commanding a share of over 40% in total sales. Multivitamin supplements encompass a spectrum of vital vitamins, minerals, and associated benefits. Pertinent to this, the World Health Organization has reported that nearly 2 billion individuals worldwide contend with deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals.


Markets within North America have surfaced as dominant territories within the vitamin in human nutrition landscape, occupying a significant market share. This eminence is largely attributed to the region’s prevalence of obesity and conditions linked to lifestyle choices, substantiating its ascendancy in the market dynamics.


Probiotics Segment Poised to Exert Commanding Influence Due to Expansive Population Reach

The probiotics segment occupies a pivotal stance within the vitamin in human nutrition domain. Rooted in live beneficial yeasts and bacteria indigenous to the body, probiotics underscore a balance between advantageous and potentially harmful microorganisms present within the system. While bacteria are often associated with illnesses, our bodies maintain a delicate equilibrium of these diverse microorganisms.

Geographical sectors encompassing the United States and Canada are poised to yield noteworthy contributions to the burgeoning vitamin in human nutrition market. The robust population size of these nations coupled with considerable demand for nutrition and dietary supplements collectively positions them as significant players in this arena.

Recent strides in the vitamin in human nutrition market spotlight key developments that have transpired within this domain. Cargill, a prominent global food conglomerate, recently injected an investment of approximately $50 million into the expansion of its Global Animal Nutrition Innovation Centre located in Elk River. This strategic expansion signifies Cargill’s commitment to advancing the frontiers of animal nutrition research and development, underscoring its dedication to addressing the evolving industry needs. Cargill’s aspiration is to forge pioneering solutions and technologies that augment animal health, productivity, and overall well-being, thereby enhancing its innovation capabilities.



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