Russia Sets Record in Seafood Exports to China Amidst Growing Demand

by Ella

In a remarkable development, Russian seafood exports to China reached unprecedented heights by the end of 2023, as reported by TASS citing Rosrybolovstvo data.

Key Points:

Record-Breaking Exports: Russian exporters shipped a total of 1.29 million tons of seafood to China by the close of 2023, marking the highest volume recorded in historical statistics.


Significant Growth: This volume reflects a substantial increase of 36.1% compared to 2022. In monetary terms, these exports amounted to $2.89 billion.


China as Primary Market: China has solidified its position as the leading market for Russian fish products, accounting for approximately half of all Russian seafood exports consistently over recent years.


Current Trends: Between January and May 2024 alone, Russia exported 522.64 thousand tons of fish products to China, underscoring ongoing robust demand.


Regional Insights: Specific regions like the Primorsky Territory and the Sakhalin Region have witnessed notable export growth to China. In the initial five months of 2024, these regions collectively exported about 476.2 thousand tons of seafood, reflecting a 21% increase compared to the same period in 2023.


The surge in Russian seafood exports to China highlights a burgeoning economic relationship between the two countries, with seafood trade playing a pivotal role. As China remains a crucial market for Russian exporters, future developments in this sector will continue to be closely monitored for their impact on global trade dynamics.



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