Strawberries Named Ireland’s Favorite Fruit by Bord Bia

by Ella

Bord Bia has officially declared strawberries as Ireland’s most beloved fruit. One of the dedicated farms contributing to this reputation is Boro Valley Fruit Farm in Enniscorthy, Wexford, operated by Martin Murphy. Founded by Murphy’s father, the farm specializes in producing Bord Bia quality-assured strawberries for prominent Irish supermarkets and retailers.

In 2023, strawberries led the Irish fruit market in value with a significant 15.3% share, surpassing dessert apples at 14.8% and grapes at 12.2%. To celebrate this preference, the ‘Celebrate Strawberry Season’ initiative has been launched. This collaboration between the Irish Soft Fruit Growers Association, Bord Bia, and the IFA aims to elevate strawberry consumption from May through October. An accompanying public information campaign advocates integrating strawberries into daily meals.


For optimal freshness, Bord Bia advises storing strawberries in the refrigerator with their stems intact and washing them before consumption.




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