Why Vitamin C is the Forever Vitamin

by Ella

In 1948, Frances Gerety famously declared “A Diamond is Forever” to symbolize enduring love, yet she spent most of her life alone. While diamonds sparkle, there exists a better “forever” companion.

For years, I have chosen vitamin C over diamonds and trendy medications like cholesterol-lowering drugs. Vitamin C lacks the glamour of diamonds and doesn’t enrich anyone, yet incorporating high doses into my daily regimen allowed me to spend an additional 25 years with my family after a near-fatal heart attack at 74.


To truly appreciate its value, dispel the misconception that vitamin C is merely a nutrient. It acts as an antibiotic, antifungal agent, and bolsters the immune system against various infections. Unlike animals, humans lost the ability to produce vitamin C long ago, making supplementation essential. Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Prize winner, emphasized that the effectiveness of vitamin C hinges on dosage, stressing its safety even at high levels.


Pauling’s research focused not on optimal vitamin C amounts for healthy individuals but on therapeutic levels to combat diseases like heart disease. Vitamin C is proven to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, which is linked to widespread conditions like Type 2 diabetes—a global pandemic contributing to heart attacks, kidney failure, blindness, and limb amputations, burdening healthcare systems and diminishing quality of life.


Vitamin C also addresses common ailments like constipation, with doses of 2000 mg alleviating issues; higher doses are effective for severe cases. Joint inflammation, caused by weakened blood vessels, can similarly benefit from vitamin C supplementation. Moreover, vitamin C deficiencies are linked to increased susceptibility to prolonged colds, exacerbated during stressful events like surgery.


Considering these benefits and its natural, cost-effective nature compared to prescription drugs, vitamin C stands as my “forever vitamin.” At 101 years old, I attribute much of my longevity to this simple therapy with profound returns.

In conclusion, vitamin C—affordable, natural, and devoid of the complexities of pharmaceuticals—has been instrumental in maintaining my health and vitality. It remains a steadfast ally in my journey towards longevity and well-being.



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