Why Americans Are Eating a Sunscreen Ingredient in Their Frozen Pizza

by Ella

Titanium dioxide is a familiar ingredient in sunscreen, known for its ability to block harmful UV rays. However, it’s not just limited to skincare products—it’s also commonly found in various foods, including pizza, salsa, frosting, and candy. Despite its widespread use, concerns are growing about the potential health risks associated with consuming this ingredient.

In skincare, titanium dioxide serves as a protective barrier against the sun’s rays. Similarly, in food products, it acts as a brightening agent, enhancing colors and textures. For example, it can make mozzarella on frozen pizza appear whiter or intensify the hues of candies like Skittles.


Research, primarily conducted on animals, has raised red flags about the safety of ingesting titanium dioxide. Some studies suggest that it may be linked to immune system issues, inflammation, and DNA damage, which could potentially increase the risk of cancer.


As concerns about the health effects of titanium dioxide mount, consumers and food safety advocates are calling for greater transparency and regulation regarding its use in food products. Manufacturers are facing pressure to reconsider its inclusion in their formulations, especially given the uncertainty surrounding its long-term health impacts.


With ongoing research and debate surrounding the safety of titanium dioxide in food, consumers are encouraged to stay informed and cautious about the ingredients in the products they consume.




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